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We are an online service providing English and Islamic legal forms, Chances are you do not have a will. But you probably would if you could do it online within 20 minutes for just £90.

Writing a Sharia Will

Our legal team is highly experienced in all aspects of Sharia will-writing, and in Tasnim Khalid we have a specialist Sharia-compliant tax adviser with 15 years of experience on our team, who is the only Muslim practitioner rated Tier 1 in the Legal 500.

“It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without writing a Will about it.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

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Under the Sharia (or Shariah), a Muslim with wealth is duty-bound to write a will, not letting three days pass without doing so. In order to fulfil this religious obligation


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Frequently questions

List of commonly asked questions and answers
Can I change my will once you have written it?
Yes! You have two options: You can pay £30 whenever you need to change your will in the future. You can subscribe for just £10 a year to make unlimited changes your will whenever you need.
Do you offer professional executor services?
Not at this stage.
Are your wills structured to avoid inheritance tax?
Yes. We also offer a Trust-based will and will offer that to those of our clients for whom it is suitable. Our trust-based will is a robust, tax-efficient solution designed in collaboration with a leading wills barrister from Ten Old Square Chambers.
Do you offer a spousal will?
Yes. Each spouse has to get their own will written. We offer a £10 referral bonus and a £10 discount to the person who referred. For spouses this amounts to over 20% off the cost price.
How do Sharia wills work under English law?
Ideally, Sharia-compliant will adhere to the principles of Islam, but will also be tax-efficient and fully compliant with the laws of England and Wales. Sharia wills are often homemade or drafted by people who are not qualified legal professionals, which means they may fail to consider all the legal issues surrounding each particular circumstance. In the worst-case scenario, these wills may not have any effect under English law, which can render your estate difficult to administer, and create tax or legal complications and expense. Planning ahead is key to preserving your assets and mitigating tax, which is why our team will work to guide you through the tax legislation and work out the best way forward.
Are Islamic Marriages accepted under English Law?
Islamic marriages (nikah contracts) are typically not accepted in English courts. We’d strongly recommend getting a legal marriage (this is particularly relevant for Islamic wills).
Are MSW Wills legally binding?
Yes – our wills are fully legal and binding in England & Wales. We are fully qualified and registered solicitors.
Change in family personnel does your will become invalid?
Our wills are written so that the will remains valid in case of such changes. However no will is ultimately completely future-proof and we recommend revisiting your will every few years. We offer an update service for £30 one-off, or unlimited updates for £10 a year.
Why is My Sharia Will so cheap? What’s the catch?
Both of us (Mohsin and Ibrahim) have quit our corporate legal careers to focus full-time on MSW as we believe strongly that there is a need for strong personal finance education and resources for the UK Muslim community. If people like us do not take a risk and sacrifice a bit, no one will. MSW Wills is a subsidiary of www.islamicfinanceguru.com. MSW Wills works for us from a commercial perspective as a lot of the will production is automated using sophisticated programming. This means our job is cut down from laborious copy-pasting to just pure legal review. Ultimately this then saves you guys £100s of pounds.
What happens if I don't have a Sharia will?
If you die without a Sharia will in place, then your assets and estate will be distributed in accordance with the rules of intestacy. No provisions will be offered for Muslim beliefs, and going through the process will also increase the time and cost of dealing with an estate. Since Sharia wills are also used to set out specific requests for burial and ensure that any ceremony is run in accordance with Islamic rituals, failure to provide a valid will may result in funeral rites being conducted that do not conform to the deceased’s wishes.
15 years of experience

Legal & Sharia Experts

We are one of only a handful of Sharia specialists that are experts in Inheritance Tax, estate planning and probate. Because we specialise in Sharia wills

Mohammed Al Hassan

Al Azhar Scholar


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An Islamic will needs to be legally binding and adhere to the Sharia

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Just fill out the form and leave the rest to us.